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Cape Town


Gary Thomas

Simon van Gend
Acoustic / Pop / Folk Rock
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Experimental / Funk / Rock

The Springbok Nude Girls
Alternative / Rock

Jack Mantis
Acoustic / Rock

Felix Laband
electronic music
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Righard Kapp
Experimental / Shoegaze / Tropical

Hip Hop

Serving Suggestion
Punk / Rock / Emo

Nu-Jazz / Electronica / Down-tempo
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Cabins In The Forest
Acoustic / Jazz / Folk Rock

Taxi Violence
Rock / Indie

Black Dillinger
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Electronica / Turntablism / Hip Hop

The Mix n Blend
Funk / Breakbeat / Reggae

Teba Shumba
Reggae / Dub / Roots Music

One Day Remains
Acousmatic / Tape music / Zouk / Hawaiian
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Damn Right
Rock / Classic Rock / Punk

Ntaba and the Stone
Reggae / Afro-beat / Gospel

The Allstar Funk Four
Hip Hop / Rock / Funk

Rock / Punk / Metal

David Forrister
Folk Rock / Blues / Acoustic

Kelvin Declined
Rock / Alternative

Nightlife Conspiracy
Lounge / Trip Hop / Electronica

Sista Hope
Afro-beat / Hip Hop / Reggae

Meru Matu
Reggae / Roots Music / Hip Hop

Oslo Oscillator
Rock / Shoegaze / Tropical

Garage / Indie / Soul

Heather Waters
Indie / Rock / Folk Rock

Justin Bergh
Rock / Pop / Alternative
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Roots / Rock / Folk Rock

South African bands & artists

South Africa has a great and diverse music culture. Check the following bands & artists, watch their videos, see their websites for gigs & tour dates, check the tra:mag book & music forum for rewiews and live gigs in Southern Africa or listen to them on! Some of them play only in their hometowns, some all over South Africa, and some already made it to overseas. Check them out!

See the Gig Guide for live gigs around South Africa!

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The Mother City. The most beautiful city I have ever been to. Great place to be. Cape Town's nightlife offers everything - traditional African music, cheesy European house (yes - some people enjoy it), the kiffest alternative music, dub, electro... It seems that almost every style of music has its place in good ol' Cape Town. Cape Town is place where you can experience how diverse South Africa is, was and will be. If you can, stay on Longstreet and after a while you will find out that you already overstayed the time you planned to be in the Mother City!

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Indie / Pop / Rock
get their cds at the tra:mag shop

3rd World Spectator
Alternative / Rock / Indie

Mark Allan
Acoustic / Pop / Rock

Piet Potent
Hip Hop / Rap / Turntablism

Fly Paper Jet
Alternative / Jazz / Hip Hop

The Eko Unit
Breakbeat / Hip Hop / Electronica
Social Hazard
Electronica / Dub / Hip Hop
Matek's Mixez
Experimental / Hip Hop / Electronica

Jungle Mission
Hip Hop

Tristan Waterkeyn
Acoustic / Surf / Rock

Afro-beat / Funk / Folk
get their cds at the tra:mag shops

Duncan Breen
Acoustic / Folk / Rock

Acoustic / Folk / Rock

Dirty Skirts
Indie / New Wave / Rock

Louis Mhlanga
Lounge / Acoustic / Neo-soul
get his cds at the tra:mag shop

Hip Hop / Electro

Reggae / Dub / Afro-beat

Chronic Clan
Hip Hop / Reggae / Folk

Alternative / Rock / Other

Disco House / Alternative / R&B

Hog Hoggidy Hog
Punk / Ska / Rock

Hip Hop

The Navidson Records
Electronica / Experimental / Electroacoustic

Folk Rock / Rock

Light Merchants
Psychedelic / Funk / Dub

Palms Up

Captain Stu
Ska / Reggae / Experimental

Jahnett Tafari
Reggae / Roots Music / Reggae

The Doppler Effect
Metal / Punk

The Ragdolls
Rock / Indie / Blues

Dub / Breakbeat / Drum & Bass

Van Coke Kartel

get their music right now!

Sista Hope
Afro-beat / Hip Hop / Reggae

Indie / Rock / Pop
get his music right now!

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Cape Town Urban Life