Nemesis Army
Alternative / Rock / Progressive

Love Jones
Rock / Pop
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Permisson To Float
Ambient / Electronica / Experimental

Alternative / Ambient / Experimental

Guy Buttery
Folk / Acoustic / Experimental

Farryl Purkiss
Pop / Acoustic / Folk Rock
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Fox Fyre
Acoustic / Folk Rock / Alternative

Punk / Rock / Emo

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Durban Urban Life Links


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South African bands & artists

South Africa has a great and diverse music culture. Check the following bands & artists, watch their videos, see their websites for gigs & tour dates, check the tra:mag book & music forum for rewiews and live gigs in Southern Africa or listen to them on! Some of them play only in their hometowns, some all over South Africa, and some already made it to overseas. Check them out!

See the Gig Guide for live gigs around South Africa!

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Rock / Alternative

Exit The Fall
Alternative / Christian / Emo

The Kiff
Other / Alternative / Funk

His Dying Wish
Alternative / Progressive / Powerpop

Crossing Point
Hardcore / Metal / Punk

Durban is the place to be if you like good parties. Loads of good venues and live music, brilliant weather almost round the year and always this special Durban flair. This place in the Kingdom of the Zulus is the place to stay for a couple of weekends.
I don't know why but Durban is always fascinating. Durban is colourful, Durban is multicultural and Durban rocks... What else to say?

Durban Urban Life
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