The basic idea of was to create a comments-based travel guide through Southern Africa. Based on the experiences of backpackers and individual travellers it should be an alternative to the "established" guide books.


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Want to go to Cape Town, Johannesburg/Pretoria or Durban?
Check the tra:mag city guides for hostel listings, travel tipps and some ideas on what to do while you are there!
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Room/Camping rates in South African Backpacker hostels

Camping - mostly around ZAR 50-65ppn
Dorm - mostly around ZAR 65-120ppn; Dorm rates are very much depending on the room size (number of beds per dorm) and the season. ZAR 120ppn, for example, can be the high season rate for a bed in a dorm in Cape Town.
Single room - mostly around ZAR 110-220; some hostels have single rooms, some others don't. If you really want to have a single room and they don't have one, they normally give you a double room where you can sleep in alone (which is not changing the rate for the double room)
Double/Twin room - mostly around ZAR 165-250/room. Again depending on the season of the year and other stuff like TV, private bathroom, en suite (or not) etc.

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