A Guide to Travelling Across South Africa
South Africa is split into 9 different provinces which highlights just how vast the country is, however the provinces are all well connected by a variety of modes of transport. Each province is very different from the other, typified by the changing landscapes and the fact there are 11 official languages spoken in the country. If you’re thinking about visiting South Africa in 2014, here is a guide to how you can travel across the country, as well as many other vital pieces of information for tourists.
Before visiting South Africa, the first thing to consider is your visa. Many countries get free 90 day visas on arrival at the airport, countries such as the US, Australia and many parts of Europe. Other citizens of countries such as Poland, Thailand and Malaysia are only eligible for 30 day visas, so check with the South African government website before you fly there to know how long you will get.
The other thing to remember is that you will need proof of your departure from the country, otherwise you will not be granted entry when you arrive, so ensure you are carrying your return flight documents with you when you arrive at the immigration station in the airport! If you are considering booking your holiday, then compare flights to South Africa here and find yourself a great deal.

If you only have a short amount of time in the country and want to travel around quickly, then choosing to fly is the best option. South Africa has a very well established domestic air travel network with flights going to and from all of the major cities. There are plenty of local airline companies too, and you should shop around to find the best price online.

By far the cheapest option for getting around the country, travelling by bus can give you the opportunity to see parts of South Africa you might miss out on if you were flying. There are plenty of well known companies like Greyhound that have bus services between the major cities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg.
As you might expect, travelling by bus can be very time consuming as many of the models are usually old and prone to breaking down. Beware however that if you suffer from motion sickness then you should prepare in advance. Driving can be fairly wild in places, especially when the bus has fallen behind its schedule.

The national rail operator in the country is the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa and it has many budget passenger services between all of the big South African cities. One of the bonuses of travelling by train is that you can ring up the booking office from anywhere in the country, order your tickets and then pick up or pay for them at the station, saving you lots of time.


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