The Namaqualand calls itself the “100% Big Sky Country”... and we can only agree. It stretches from beyond Garies in the south to the Orange River in the north, from Pofadder in the east to the Atlantic coastline in the west.
This vast and varied region turns into a “rainbow country” after the annual winter rainfalls. Hard to belief in summer, but this region is home to the phenomenon of wild flower appearance, which is probably unique in the world.
From an individual travellers (without own transport) point of view the Namaqualand is still quite difficult to explore. The best way of going there is to go to Springbok, which is the “capital” of the Namaqualand, and to explore the remote western coast of South Africa from there.

Flower Season
The flower season peaks between early August and late September and its delights depend on the winter rains (the official flower season runs every year from 01 Aug - 30 Sept), so some years are better than others. If there has been a steady flow of cold fronts during the winter, then it is likely to be a good flower season. However spring temperatures are also important. If it heats up too quickly then the early visitors have glorious sunshine but the flowers do not last very long. For updates see the "Namaqualand Flower Report"

How to get there?
You'll ne a car to discover the Namaqualand. Click here to rent one. Make use of google maps for a detailled and individual route description. As the Namaqualand is a bit off the beaten (tourist) track, most major bus companies are only making a few stops along the way.


Where to sleep?
If you are looking for accommodation in the Namaqualand try it in either Springbok, Garies or Port Nolloth. No backpackers can be found in the area, but quite a number of campsites.

The Namaqualand Nature Reserves
Just 17km northwest of Kamieskroon is the Skilpad section of Namaqua National Park. Twitchers and butterfly afficionados love it and it's worth spending a few days here - even in ‘bad years' the sandy plains are plastered with vivid orange.

The riot of colour in Goegap Nature Reserve is a magnet for artists, photographers and anyone seeking some nature therapy. Kaleidoscopic fields of vivid purple mesembryanthemum, yellow Namaqua daisies and orange gazanias all turn their happy faces towards the sun.
Lying about 70 km north of Kamieskroon and 15 km southeast of Springbok, Goegap Nature Reserve is a fantastic place to kick off your flower trip. Bearing in mind that the best route to travel for a flower trip is north to south so that you see the flowers facing the sun.



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