Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world - only the Grand Canyon in the US is bigger- and the biggest canyon in Africa. The gorge of the Fish River Canyon reaches around 160 km from the Koubis massif (Seeheim) down to Ais-Ais. The Canyon was formed about 500 million years ago by water and the collapse of the valley bottom through movements in the earth crust. According to some stats the canyon is the second most visited tourist attraction in Namibia, only beaten by Etosha National Park in the north of the country.

How to get there?

As always in Namibia, the easiest option to get around is by car - like in South Africa renting a car is no problem at all. It is slightly more expensive in Namibia, but thats it. Make use of google maps for a detailled and individual route description.
If you don't want to rent a car you can also join an organised tour - most tours in Namibia's south are visiting the Canyon. Hitchhiking might be an alternative too, but check with your accommodation staff/locals if it is ok to do. See the tra:mag routes tour suggestions for some tours in Namibia, as well as organised selfdrive tours through the country.

The Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail

The Hiking trail starts at the northern viewpoint for the canyon, Hobas, and ends at Ai-Ais. It is a 4-5 day walk and it is about 80km in length. You need to have a medical certificate. Only one group (you can’t do the walk alone, groupsize of three to forty people is required) per day.
See the website of the Footprint Hiking Club for more info about the trail.


Where to stay?

The South of Namibia is a perfect spot for beautifull located lodges, hotels & B&Bs.




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