Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is home to some of the largest concentrations of wildlife in Africa and one of the natural wonders of Southern Africa. The Delta is one of the most magnificent places in the world – animals of the savanna and the swamp living side by side. Over 16 000km² of inland waterways have turned the red sands of the Kalahari Desert into a land of plenty.
Due to its overwhelming size it can even been seen from space. The actual size of the Delta is depending on rain and the amount of water coming down from neighboring Angola.
Wet season – November – March
Most of the animals give birth
Landscape is lush and green
Loads of wild flowers
Its hot and rainy – humidity
Roads can be in bad condition
Dry season – April – October
Best time to spot animals at the permanent waterholes
Less humidity
Roads are in good condition
Most of the Delta dries out
Not as green and beautiful like in the wet season

How to get there?

You can either fly to the Okavango Delta, take a rental car (mind the distances in Botswana | make use of google maps for a detailled and individual route description.) or join an organised tour from Johannesburg/Pretora or even Maun.
All mainliners, such as Intercape, coming from South Africa are only connecting with the capital of Botswana, Gaborone.

Where to stay?

For all accommodation needs see the accommodation & tour booking page!


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