The Kraal


Coffee Bay

The Wildcoast / Transkei

Bordered by Port Edward in the north and Cintsa in the south, the Wild Coast is one of the most stunning coastal regions in Southern Africa.
The Wild Coast is part of the former Transkei, which means the area beyond the Kei River. The Transkei was a so-called Bantustan in the Apartheid years in South Africa. Bantustans (coming from the word "Bantu" meaning "people" in the Bantu languages and "-stan" meaning "land" in the Persian language) were twenty territories that served as tribal reserves for the indigenous black inhabitants of South Africa and South-West Africa (now Namibia), as part of the racial segregation policies of apartheid.
One of the most known sons of the former Transkei is the first democratic president of South Africa - Mr Nelson Mandela. He is still owning a home in Qunu, close to Umtata.

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Where to stay?

From a backpacker perspective Coffee Bay is defo THE spot in the Transkei that everyone who is travelling in Southern Africa has heard about. And, hell yeah, it is a great little place nested right at the beach. A simply stunning place. But places like Port St. Johns or the FTTSA (Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa) certified backpackers Bulungula are absolutely worth a visit! Check it out!
Travellers preffering B&Bs or Hotels will also find amazing places to stay at - check it out!

How to get there/around?

Getting around along the Wildcoast isn't that easy. Well, it is if you have got a car, but if not, you must make plans to get around. BazBus is surely the easiest way of getting there. The Bus is stopping in Mthatha (or Umtata) on its way between Durban <> Port Elizabeth. From Mthata most backpackers are running shuttles to pick travellers up. Greyhound is stopping there as well, so even the mainliner is an alternative for travellers without cars.


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