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About me

The "About me" text defo needs an update... Seb ;-)

Why to start a page about backpacking in Southern Africa when there are already thousand of other similar pages? Why to make a page based on backpacker comments and not on information delivered by each daytrip/overland-trip company, each hostel or transportation company?
I try to explain it...

I travelled quite a lot in Southern and Eastern Africa in the last couple of years – for some months every year from 1998 on.
I used to have the “established” guidebooks with me on my first trips to Southern Africa. They were really good – giving me a general overview about the places I was going to. But they were always outdated… prices were changing, hostels were closing down or opening up, safe places became bad places and bus companies opened up new routes.
But that's the nature of guidebooks which can't be changed. Research must be done,the printing and publishing… Its taking lot's of time until you get the information! And in between things are obviously changing…

Then there are other travel guides where everyone who wants to be mentioned in has to pay for … What's the sense of it? You don't get “independent” information about, e.g., a hostel – you get the amount of information the owner has paid for…
But the books are normally made really well and can be quite useful. They look good, they are mostly quite new and updated, but they can't be reflecting what travellers really think. They are more self-assessment-like...

Both kinds of books are really good and travelling without them feels quite strange. They are classics and important to every one who is going travelling, but there must be more alternatives. This is why I started !

It's based on our comments! How we rate a hostel, the daytrip or overland tour we did or how we appraise our last train journey in Southern Africa!

I found out for myself that the best travel guide is to listen to people who have been to places I want to go to. can't supersede this, but it is giving us a kind of platform for this! Ok, we can't listen to other travellers, but we can read their postings. And we can't tell other travellers our stories, but we can write about our experiences!!

Enjoy travelling!



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